19th January 2019

Why & How to Invest in Real Estate This New Year, 2019?

Every time we think of investment, the first word that strikes our head is “real estate”. Yes, undoubtedly real estate has been an investment magnet since decades. However, there have been highs and lows in market price of real estate properties. We believe that the New Year’s season ushers hope for home buyers. Reasons are charted as below:

Slowdown in the property market:

It’s a no brainer that property market relies heavily on borrowing – whether it’s for buying home or for building one. Major banks and large financial institutions have become cautious due to increase in bad debts and non-performing assets, that has led to a decrement in the property market.

Experts are of the opinion that the price crunch is likely to continue in 2019 and push house price growth to an all-time low. This is sheer good news for home buyers.

Investment in Home Buying During Festive Season:

There’s more! Developers and sellers of residential properties have focused their attention in completing their current projects, rather than fervently coming up with new ones. This pattern has been observed especially since the implementation of Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA), in May 2016. 
Automatically the excess in supply has slowed down the increase in the market price of the properties, making it a good time for home buyers to grab the deal.

Reduced Home Loans:
Also, currently the home loans are available at 8.35% interest per annum, which is been the cheapest since the last decade. This has boosted the confidence of the buyers.

Dos and Don’ts:
We have a series of suggestions on how you can invest in real estate and not make it a sour deal.

Don’t invest blind-folded:
Buying a home is a safe option only if you go for a property built by leading real estate builders and developers in Kolkata who are registered with RERA – so as to lead a tension-free life in the future.

Stay Patient:
Needless to say, if you invest in real estate it can be an expensive affair. Don’t be in a rush to grab an offer just because there’s a hot deal on your plate. Especially, for buyers with no experience we advise that you don’t jump the gun and end up paying more for a property which has less returns, or no returns at all. This is a good time where you reach out to us to know how to sort out the best deal for you at the number mentioned below. 

Carve out your financial plans in advance:
If you cannot afford to buy the house in cash (which is fairly the norm), you should have enough in your kitty to at least afford the mortgage payment and payment of real estate taxes, even if you are without any rental income. We, at Srijan Realty, are available with our decades of experience to help you carve out your financial plan.

Keeping Money aside to afford that maintenance cost:
Purchasing the right property is not enough. You need to put money aside to afford the monthly maintenance and repairs cost. 

Research the Property:
Doing your homework is mandatory before you step out looking for a new property. Learning about the amenities offered, the background of the builder, the materials used and area where the property is located, since the right locality will be able to give you positive returns in the future.

Be Thorough & Well-updated:
Before you sign the deal make sure that you go through and understand the claims in the land deed properly. Also, we encourage that you be well-updated about the future plans of the locality, for eg., construction of a new road in front of the house that connects to the bypass (or main road). Such a development will always help enhance your property value.

All’s well that ends well:
Real estate is a good idea to invest during this New Year season as there are high inventories. Builders need to first clear that up before coming up with new properties. This has created an opportunity for buyers to negotiate on the property.
Also, due to strict rules under RERA, developers and builders have become more cautious and there has been a remarkable shift in their attitude towards the buyers.

Thankfully there’s someone who’s always here to listen to your grievances and provide you with effective solution, anytime you need! Just give a call at +91 33 40402020 or simply email at

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