4th March 2021

Basics Of Investing In A Rental Property

Investing in real estate is always a big step. But such a big step requires a lot of research. And investing in rental properties is a lucrative option, but there are tons of things to know before zeroing down the property of your choice. 

Here, we will see what it takes to invest in a rental property in south Kolkata. Generally, this is to avoid the common mistakes that can have a significant impact on your decision. Hence, it is better to be well-versed in the topic before making your first purchase.

The 5 Basics Of Investing In A Rental Property 

The Location Of Investment 

If you are firm on putting your money in rental property, then “where to invest” takes priority over “how to invest”. Choosing the right location for a rental property involves a lot of factors. 

This includes plenty of amenities, low property taxes, a friendly neighbourhood, and public transport accessibility. Besides, an area with a growing job market will generate more potential renters. 

A locality with flats in south kolkata is an ever-growing area that presents many opportunities in rental property investment.

Type Of Property 

What type of rental property do you want to invest in? Is it personal property? Is it a bungalow, duplex, or flat? Do you want to invest in a single room flat or two or more rooms flat? Are you making up your mind for vocational rentals?

The options you choose simply depends upon your personal and financial goals. 

Run The Numbers

Here comes the critical part. Since you will invest a good deal of money in a rental property, you need to figure out the net cash flow. If your goal is to get a positive cash flow from the rental property, then do the math involving your income, expenses, and mortgages. 

Study the comparable rentals around your property before making a purchase. Determining the market and the rough analysis of the average vacancy rate can land you in an outstanding position to make a wise decision. 

Identify the costs like property insurance, property management, electricity, water supply, gas supply, etc. to narrow down your rent rate. 

Buy Or Finance 

Once you have found an excellent rental property in south Kolkata, the next step is to consider putting money into it. Do you want to buy it in cash, or are you thinking of financing it? The choice depends upon your investing goals.

If you are financing, study the paperwork carefully before signing the deal. Several financial institutes will help you in the whole process. 

But before doing so, compare the interest rates these institutions provide. Putting money in the rental property is a big deal, therefore be aware of the higher interest rates while financing. 

Landlord And Tenant

Choosing a good tenant and being a good landlord is the obvious prerequisite for investing in rental property. Your aim to generate positive cash flow from the day first, thus screening the potential tenants can be taxing. 

You can find many potential tenants for flats near south kolkata. But it is crucial to choose the one who is prompt in paying the rents, maintains the property, has a verifiable income source, and comes from a decent background.


It is a monumental moment to invest in real estate. As you look for rental properties, it is vital to be realistic in your expectations. 

Aiming for a positive cash flow, you must make a well-informed decision to invest in a rental property. Take assistance from the experts at to know all about investing in something better and rewarding.

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